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Corporate Governance

We are committed towards fostering a culture that esteems and rewards good governance and exemplary standards of ethics combined with corporate integrity and respect.

Corporate Governance

Our good governance is integral to maximizing shareholder wealth on a sustainable basis and Board’s objective to sustain an organizational culture based on our vision and values.

Constructed on a sound philosophy, ethics, policies, values, accountability and sincerity of action, Access Engineering’s corporate governance ethos works within a culture of performance that emphasizes a framework of conformance and compliance.

Corporate Governance Framework

Maximizing shareholder wealth on a sustainable basis while safeguarding the rights of multiple stakeholders are fundamentals which are permeated through all levels of our management and staff, who in turn work on the trusses of truth, trust, principles and honesty to ensure that the end justifies the means and remain strategically aligned to the core principles of our corporate governance practice.

Our governance and operating model facilitates efficient and timely decision-making coupled with pragmatic resource allocations, which in turn are integrated into a transparent, accountable and ethical framework that are compliant not only with the laws of the country but also with self-imposed codes of ethics, standards and regulations that position us on a platform of critical governance features to ensure a culture that goes beyond compliance. This is thus manifested in the composition of the corporate management team, division of powers and duties and the promotion of sound corporate ethics across the Company.

Business Ethics

Our code of ethics has been devised with the objective of developing and maintaining long term relationships with all stakeholders while satisfying the requirements of our valuable customers. It is our belief that upholding these values will result in the Company being profitable. Thus every employee at Access including the new recruits are firmly guided to abide by the following ethics.

Internal Control

The Company adopts a Risk Assessment-based approach with regard to its Internal Audit functions with the objective of Maintaining Safety, Reliability, Profitability and Integrity of the organization and to overlook key operational and regulatory deficiencies.

Role of the Board

The Board has established a culture and approach to governance and business ethics that have been adopted across the business, positively influencing our ability to continually achieve the highest standards: honesty and integrity in all our business dealings, respect for each other, appreciation for those that we trade with, and recognition and reward for our customers. The Board remains resolute in their focus on driving implementation of our strategy, sustaining a profitable performance from our business operations, while upholding the highest standards of business conduct.

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