About Us

Policy Statement

Our policy surpasses economic value creation to acknowledge the importance of social and environmental capital and value creation setting out our commitment, responsibility and approach.

Policy Statement

We are committed to fulfilling or surpassing all legislatures and regulations in all our business activities.

We expect each and every employee to have a thorough knowledge on the laws and policies that apply to its business processes, and in each process to be uncompromisingly honest and maintain highest levels of integrity.

We have a proven track record of serving as a responsible and a quality provider meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and regulatory requirements. We maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and others who may be affected by our activities. Understanding the environmental and social impacts of the projects we execute we constantly strive to carry reduce waste and conserve resources. Through this we successfully minimize our environmental footprint.

Quality Policy

Access Engineering PLC is a team committed to satisfy our customer needs by providing high quality civil construction services with effective & efficient and innovative solutions. Our utmost considerations have been the responsibilities to our customers, our dedicated & committed staff, our principals, subcontractors, suppliers and our society at large. To meet with the above commitment we continually improve our quality management system whilst adhering to the ISO 9001:2008 and other applicable regulatory requirements through cost effective, profitable, safe and sound environmental friendly operations.

Health and Safety Policy

Access Engineering PLC, operating in infrastructure development field, shall provide and maintain high standard of health & safety for all its employees and general public who may be affected by the operation, according to applicable health & safety regulations and safety manual of the company. Creating awareness by training, sharing information & supervision and maintaining preparedness to meet health & safety emergencies to ensure a safe and healthy working environment at all offices and sites.

Environmental Policy

Access Engineering PLC recognizes that in carrying out its activities it has a responsibility to customers, employees and the general public to minimize environmental impacts. The environmental policy of Access Engineering is to:

  1. Ensure compliance with all applicable legal and other requirements, which relate to its environmental aspects.
  2. Promote environmental awareness and commitment to the policy amongst all employees and Stake Holders through training, and communications to encourage suppliers and subcontractors to apply sound environmental principles.
  3. Avoid the wastage of materials, water and energy by paying careful attention to their use.
  4. Prevent pollution and minimize environmental disturbance from our activities.
  5. Apply continual improvement by reviewing the environmental aspects related to our activities by setting appropriate targets and objectives for improving performance.