HDD and Cable Jetting Service Unit

HDD and Cable Jetting Service Unit

Access Engineering is the first construction company in Sri Lanka to embark on Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique, which is a trenchless method of installing pipes, ducts or cables underground with less or no disturbance to surrounding structures. It is the most versatile solution during the installation of underground utilities along roads in built-up areas as it causes minimal disturbance.

At present, we operate three (03) HDD machines, which have been engaged in the installation of over 50 km of underground ducts within Colombo City and along Galle Road, as part of Optical Fibre Network Project for Dialog Axiata PLC.

We have further enhanced our services by introducing the ‘Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)’ system which helps identify existing underground utilities & obstacles prior to trench excavation or employing HDD to install pipes/ducts/cables where pipe/duct/cable paths could be pre-designed to avoid potential damage to landscape and existing underground utilities.

Fiber Optic Cable installation by Cable Jetting, yet another first in Sri Lanka pioneered by Access Engineering. Cable jetting is the process of installing a cable in a duct by pushing the cable into the duct whilst blowing air trough the duct, is made possible with the use of cable jet machine and compressors with moist separators ensuring minimum tension to the cables and enhancing productivity. We have been successful in installing and reaching a distance of approximately 4Km on average per day. Experienced professionals with expertise gained through overseas training and having possession of the latest tools/equipment have enabled us to provide quality services and ensure successful accomplishment of each project within the stipulated time-frame. The immeasurable experience we have gained to date has given us the confidence to work in ground conditions beyond expectations and the assurance to successfully endeavor in projects overseas.