Our CSR Projects

Donation of Spectacles for 1400 vision impaired students at Trincomalee

Access Engineering, on a request made by “So Other May See”; a Non-For-Profit organization, provided spectacles for the vision impaired students in the Trincomalee District. The project which was conducted under the theme of “Vision 2020” by the Ministry of Health aiming for a nation with no visual disorders by 2020, held in August 2014 at Sri Shamuga Hindu College, Trincomalee. A selection of teachers representing 311 schools in the Trincomalee District was given the necessary training to detect children with ‘sight disorders’. A total of 6000 students with different levels of sight disorders were screened by these teachers and 1400 severely vision impaired students who need urgent attention were identified and gifted with Rs. 2.7 million worth of spectacles that could assist in correcting their conditions.