Our CSR Projects

Renovation of the Kande Nawakkulama Tank, Malayaparaththakulama

Malayaparaththakulama, is a rural village situated in the boarder of the war conflicted area under the divisional secretariat of Vavuniya. Though a peaceful life has replaced violence, bloodshed and continuous displacement, the village has not yet seen a significant economic development which is crucial in restoring the livelihoods. These villagers, whose livelihood completely depended upon agriculture, are going through tremendous difficulties trying to resettle their conservative livelihood due to lack of direct access to water. Recognizing the need for support Access Engineering initiated restoration work of Kande Nawakkulama Tank, which had been abandoned for last three years. The program included rehabilitation of the tank bund, spill way, sluice gates and distribution canals which run across the irrigation area. The rehabilitated tank serves water for more than 75 families to fulfill their basic needs and provides irrigation facilities for approximately 200 acres of paddy.