Our CSR Projects

Tree Planting Programs 2014/15

Planting Trees has become a treasured tradition and a key activity of Access Engineering’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Planting a tree takes a lot longer than cutting one down, and it’s a relatively slow and expensive process. Access Engineering true to its commitment towards the society and environment, preserves natural vegetation where ever possible and engage in planting trees to offset a significant proportion of carbon emission created by its operations.
Since inception, this flagship tree planting program has helped add more than 10,000 trees to public, residential and commercial properties across the country. Access Engineering take a great joy in working with communities to plant trees to make their neighborhoods more welcoming and Greener. During the year 2014/15, a total of 2260 trees are planted in different locations through multiple tree planting programs. The company works towards planting and maintaining an average of 150 trees per month.