Our CSR Projects

Vocational Training Programme

Shortage of skilled workforce is critical to many economies so as to Sri Lanka, which is one of the recognized shortfalls, that obstaculates economic recovery.  Recognizing the increasing need for skilled workers, Access Engineering; the foremost civil engineering company in Sri Lanka has recently signed an MOU with the Department of Technical Education and Training (DTET) for the development of skilled workers in trades of Masonry, Carpentry and Welding.

This apprenticeship program involves three months periods, including six weeks of in house training and six weeks of on-site training. The contents of the programs are structured to enhance the quality of workmanship as per the demand exists in the industry. The programs are conducted by a highly professional and qualified team of academics and industrialists and each program allows twenty apprentices to get enrolled through registered technical collages in the country. The apprentices are provided with the essential materials required for the course work, tool kits, accommodation and a special monthly allowance during the course of the program.

The program is proposed to be enhanced with the inclusion of other trades related to construction industry in the future. The apprentices that successfully complete and pass out from the institutes avail themselves of the opportunity to find a placement in any working sites of Access Engineering PLC or in other construction firms.